Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dominican Part II

View from inside the resort. Pool, palm trees, OCEAN!!

Another view of the resort.

We spent every moment we could in the ocean. It was beautiful! Perfect weather every day!

Mike on a surf board riding the waves!

Gorgeous beach!

A game of pool with Dave and Annie after dinner one night. 

Mike holding tobacco leaves. Everywhere you go in the Dominican, they are making cigars. 

All of us waiting for the transport van to bring us back to the resort after souvenir shopping in town. 

Another view of the ocean and resort. My water camera worked great taking pictures out in the water.

Getting geared up to go snorkeling, snuba diving, and motor boating. :)

Annie, me and Mike waiting to leave the dock. 

Me in the water, looking happy and waving. 

Autumn, Mike, Annie and Dave- underwater. 

And all of us above water. 

Dominican Vacation

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Everyday life.

 Henry loves the bouncer lately! He jumps and plays for the longest time. 

 Henry also loves to grab faces lately. He gives Dad lots of lovin'!

 Abbie did great trying out Caleb's new skiis!

 I mustache you to take the picture already, Mom. :)

 So then I said, "Sure Mom, I'll come help clean up the mess I made in a minute......"

 Tyler giving Abbie kisses.

 And hugs. 

 Homemade play dough is the best. It costs very little, is edible, and keeps children occupied for hours!

 Caleb's tomato...

 Sam, utterly proud of his massive building block fort. 

Guess who's turning six this week on the sixth?! We celebrated Abbie's birthday on Saturday since we will be out of town on her birthday. She loved it and enjoyed every minute! I will post pictures soon. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NOvember 2013

Henry, 5 months old

Tyler, 21 Months

Caleb and Abbie with the horses. 

The bigger horse is Pixie. Lena is the middle size one with the white hair. And Ole is the dwarf horse. They are all such sweet nice horses. Lena and Ole especially. Pixie can be moody, but will warm up to you. 

Caleb waving "hi"

Sam being a ham. 

Tyler watching Grandma Frey and Caleb feed the birds. 


Sam and Tyler playing in Henry's bouncer. 

He he he he!

Mike chose this little guy's name, and I don't think he could have chosen any better name than Henry. Our little "Hank" is turning into a red-head!

Hank just seems like a red-headed name. :) He is a sweetie. The quietest, happiest, smiliest  baby ever.